The Philosophy Of The Empty Coffeepot Company

The Empty Coffeepot Company beliefs, that there is only one eternal truth:

The Coffeepot is empty!

This is the only truth that the The Empty Coffeepot Company acknowledges.

The Empty Coffeepot Company is the only company in the world that does not maximize profit, but happyness,

The only goal of the The Empty Coffeepot Company is to accumulate happyness, not money.

The Empty Coffeepot Company beliefs that accepting the emptiness of the Coffeepot is the only suitable precondition to strive for happyness.

The HPN cryptocurrency

The Empty Coffeepot Company will soon issue its own cryptocurrency HPN, the token of happyness.

HPN will be designed to measure the degree of happyness, not wealth.

  • HPN will be distributed to people who can prove their happyness.
  • There will be no other way to earn HPN but to prove your happyness.

Terms and Conditions will be published soon in this site.

Stay tuned!

The Empty Coffeepot Company

There is so much common sense in this world! Everybody seems to know what does make sense, and what does not. But – to be honest – one should admit: Nothing does make sense! Neither in the economic world nor anywhere else.

This is not meant to be a lesson in philosophy. I am not aiming at something, or trying to come to terms with something. I am not trying to find answers to difficult questions. This is just to inform you that there are no answers.

So relax! Stay cool and go for it!

It is possible to reach a goal, even if you do not know what the goal is.


It is possible to be happy even if you do not know how to be happy.

Do not follow the white rabbit!

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